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The majority of all tested escorts scored 5.5 out of 10 or higher. About 10% scored less then 5.0 and approximately 10% scored 8.0 or higher. 



Are all based in The Netherlands, mostly in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. But we've also reviewed escorts from The Hague, Utrecht and more Dutch locations. 

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We where so tired of being disappointed with the escorts we've booked that we decided to get together and create the ultimate test; The Escortservice Test. We've now placed our findings online to share with others and hope it will help them select the best escortservice in The Netherlands.

From the fall of 2012 we've been testing escorts from all over The Netherlands (mostly Amsterdam and Rotterdam). We booked escorts through different escort agencies as well as some independent escorts. We did not inform the agency and escort about our Escortservice Test and paid for the service like any other client would. We requested the minimum booking time in our area and did not ask for any special services. We always asked the lady to dress and arrive discretely but wear sexy lingerie underneath.


we're more then just an escort review site, we actually test!

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We've all been there. You book an escort that looks great on the website with who you're promised to have a fantastic time with. But the escort that arrives is nothing like that. 

Currently, we are a group of 28 gentlemen of different nationalities, between 33 and 58 years old. Most of us are based in The Netherlands but some just travel here often on business. We enjoy higher incomes but do not all have extravagant budgets for escorts. Most of us are married or in a relationship and desire to remain completely anonymous. Basically, we are the average client, just looking for an outstanding service.


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We've reviewed over 250 escorts from various escort agencies as well as independent escorts who are based throughout The Netherlands, but mostly in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


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