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A high class escortservice is offers escorts that excel in beauty, elegance and intelligence. They are usually of Dutch nationality and fluent in at least Dutch, English and an other language. A high class escort provides a Girlfriend Experiene (GFE) which will make you feel like you are with the perfect girlfriend. She offers more then just a sexual service, but when you do have sex with a high class escort it will be more like "making love" in stead of just "having sex". The Girlfriend Experience is intimate and it is custom to take time to get to know your high class escort before having sex, for example over a romantic dinner.

Most high class escortservices require a minimum of 2 hours or longer, with rates starting at around €600 to €750 for those two hours. Rates are based on the time spent with the escort and not on the provided (sexual) services. Most are based in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, but available nation- and worldwide. Only legal escortservices with permit number are tested.

TESTRESULTS high class escortservice

Average grade: 8,5 (11 tests)

Average rate per hour: €350

Extra: Most escorts working for Society Service seem to work for them exclusively and are great quality ladies. Website includes a lot of information, pictures are accurate. Very professional escortservice. Very clear and strict about regulations and rules, which is both a benefit as well sometimes "too professional". Longer bookings are better priced than other high class escortservices. Rates are including travel expenses within The Netherlands, extra services are not charged extra for. Only agency to have an up to date privacy and cyber security policy. Voted best high class escortservice each year.

Also known as:


Average grade: 8,4 (5 tests)

Average rate per hour: €350

Extra: At first sight an independent but due to available "girlfriends" categorized as escortservice as well. Very selective which clients are accepted. Limited availability of escorts. Longer international bookings seem common. More escorts available than listed and they are presented only by recommendation. Works with "non professional" escorts who enjoy a few bookings per month, which makes the experience more authentic. Rates are including travel expenses and all services. 


Average grade: 7,5 (10 tests)

Average rate per hour: €325

Extra: Formerly known as Women of the World. Large variation in quality of service and escort, from excellent to average. Same goes for respons time of office, from very fast to very slow. Rates do not include travel expenses, are unclear and up for negotiation. In short a professional and trustworthy company, has been around the longest of all agencies in The Netherlands. Escorts always confirm they are happy working with this agency.


Average grade: 7,1 (3 tests)

Average rate per hour: €200

Extra: Newer agency who promotes to fill the gap between high class escort and regular escort. Rates certainly seem in between the two. Very professional website, friendly service, quality of escort varies. Potential for getting better.


Average grade: 7,0 (5 tests)
Average rate per hour: €375
Extra: Slow in responding. Seem to have copied a substantial amount of website tekst from other escortservices. Rates do not include travel expenses. No creditcards accepted. Newer agency with good motivation and friendly office but limited services and availability. Agency owner is former escort and very keen on networking with clients of her agency, offering a very personal approach, which can be conceived as indiscrete. Contrary to TCC (above), escorts are not always happy with the company. Owner seems personal to clients, yet rigid to escorts. Type of escorts is limited to typical tall, slim, natural type. Limited variation available.


Average grade: 6,8 (3 tests)
Average rate per hour: €250
Extra: Newer agency with both female and male escorts. Rates are different per escort. Seem to have copied a substantial amount of website tekst from other escortservices. Pictures are accurate and genuine, clear agreements, professional service.


Average grade: 6,7 (6 tests)

Average rate per hour: €350

Extra: Agency represents mostly "party-girls" with the body/looks of a pornstar. Not so suitable for intimate dinner dates, more suitable for clubbing bookings with pharmaceutical enhancement. Agency owner is friendly and honest, admits some profiles are fake and will only send girls with real profiles. Rates do not include travel expenses outside Amsterdam. Sometimes poor organization because agency owner is involved with personal life.


Average grade: 6,6 (8 tests)

Average rate per hour: €325

Extra: Agency offers one hour bookings as well. Pictures are highly retouched, variation in accuracy. Mostly sexual service, more Pornstar Experience than Girlfriend Experience. Rates do not include travel expenses outside Amsterdam, which are very high. Male owner of agency does not display a lot of class, seems to go for typical male approach with hot girls who are very openminded. 


Average grade: 6,5 (3 tests)
Average rate per hour: €300
Extra: Newer agency with both female and male escorts. Pictures are accurate and genuine, clear agreements, professional service.


Average grade: 6,3 (4 tests)

Average rate per hour: €325

Extra: Very friendly office, fast respons but with very low availability of escorts. Seem to force their favorite escort for every booking. Poor quality of website and pictures. Rates do not include travel expenses. Some escorts are listed twice, under different names. Agency owner is one of the escorts and is always highly recommended by the agency. 


Average grade: 6,0 (6 tests)

Average rate per hour: €325

Extra: Poor quality website and pictures. Difficult to reach via phone. Poor organization with escorts arriving at wrong time. Agency is owned by former Playmate. Rates do not include travel expenses. Manages to sometimes recruit good escorts, which move to other agencies soon after. Most escorts are very young and extra services are stimulated by agency owner as selling points to clients.


Average grade: BELOW AVERAGE

Average rate per hour: €300

Extra: Escortservice of club LV. Friendly and fast service and okay escort but below average compared to other high class escortservices. Given the high class rates would have expected more.

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