in the netherlands

About the escortservice test

From the fall of 2012 we've been testing escorts from all over The Netherlands (mostly Amsterdam and Rotterdam). We booked escorts through different escort agencies as well as some independent escorts. We did not inform the agency and escort about our Escortservice Test and paid for the service like any other client would.

we requested with the escort(service):

We requested the minimum booking time in our area and did not ask for any special services. We always asked the lady to dress and arrive discretely but wear sexy lingerie underneath.

How did we test

Our grading system is rather easy. We would first grade the escort based on "looks", "character" and "service". The average of these grades is taken as a starting point. Then, quarter points where added or subtracted based on additional performances which can be found below. 

However, since we're all people with different preferences, we would like to point out that the scoring will always remain a bit subjective. This is why grades are only provided to independent escorts and escortservices which were tested and reviewed at least twice. Escorts and escortservices which were tested only once are only graded as "Average", "Below Average" and "Above Average". 

what did we test

We tested and scored various aspects of the booking and the escort, which can be found below.

Step 1: Grade the escort by "looks", "character" and "service".

Step 2: Add or subtract extra points for additional performances. 

Reachability by phone and email
Very difficultDifficultNormalEasyVery Easy
User friendly website

Professionalism and friendliness when placing booking

Availability of escorts

Level of discretion

Escort arrived on time
>20 min early/late>10 min early/lateYes

Escort dressed as requested
NoA littleYes

Accuracy of pictures on website
Far worse in realityWorse in realityYesBetter in realityMuch better in reality
Accuracy of rates, no surprise extras
Surprise extra's
Extra's free of charge
Safe sex and hygiene of escort
NoA littleYesVeryExtraordinary

and we also listed...

Some extra information that might be of interest to you such rates, aliases for the escort(service) and anything else that we thought might interest you.